Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

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US$ 23.89


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Wedding Collection:  Guestbook & Pen Set

Themes:  Garden Theme

Seasons:  Winter, Fall, Spring

Material of Covering:  Satin

Material of Pen:  Alloy

Embellishment:  Sash

Guestbook Pages:  70 Pages

Guestbook Size:  8 1/3"×6 1/3"(21cm x 16cm)

Pen Holder Size:  3 1/2"×3 1/2"×3/4" (9cm x 9cm x 2cm)

Pen Length Size:  6 1/2"(16.5cm)

Packing:  PVC Bag

Inner Page Specification:  For the printed page details, please refer to the Learnmore part.

Tips:  The pen holder comes with a slim stylish pen (as pictured)., Perfect for weddings, bridal showers or any special event.


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Tailoring Period: 4-5 days. See Details >>

Weight: 600g


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Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

Chocolate Sash Guestbook & Pen Set (101018176)

Product Reviews

By Alberta
2013-07-22 00:55:00
I received the guest book and it is so beautiful I love it very much. You will not regret if you purchase this. the color is very unique! perfect for my wedding! We would definitely recommend this to anyone!!